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Testimonials for Ausra

"Ausra is a super acupuncturist and a magical energy healer. My whole family is very thankful to her for the miracles she did on me.

I have a long history of painful periods which are believed to be caused by endometriosis. Sometimes the pain would last for 24 hours even on strong painkillers. One time the pain started while I was at work and it was getting worse, I knew I had to do something. I called Ausra because I heard that she can do distant healing. She asked me to lie down and breathe deeply. A few minutes after we hung up I felt energy running through my body and it felt very relaxing. Then a very soothing feeling landed on my chest and I started falling asleep. Twenty minutes later when she called me back the pain was gone. I was completely blown away.


This past December I went to the hospital with terrible pain in my pelvis. Even before receiving ultrasound results the doctor said that I had a big tender cyst and scheduled a surgery to remove it. The cyst turned out to be 6 cm in diameter, but I was trying to avoid the surgery at any cost. Two days later, after the stress went down, I scheduled an appointment with Ausra. In the course of one month she treated me using acupuncture, energy work, moxa and prescribed some Chinese herbs. The pain went away after only two meetings with her and at the end of the month the cyst was gone. Looking at the ultrasound my doctor could not believe the results. She said she was sure I would be coming back with an even bigger cyst and that we would need to do the surgery.

I continue seeing Ausra regularly for overall balance. I have so much hope and faith in her healing powers. I am recommending her to all my girlfriends."



Ausra, my acupuncturist, has given me my life back. I have suffered from pain due to herniated disc for over ten years. I have tried everything: physical therapy, epidural shots and massage therapy. I would get some relief but the pain would come back. On my first acupuncture visit, I walked in unable to turn my head to the left side. Also, my finger on the left hand was numb. In one visit, I could turn my neck. I was amazed. That first visit was something I have never experienced. After few more treatments numbness in the finger was gone as well. Ausra is very good at what she does. She takes time to listen. She is always on time. She is such an amazing person. Because of my pain, I was depressed; I am feeling so much better now. If you experience one visit with Ausra, You will be amazed and will want to continue. I can promise you that.



wellness, Acupuncture, chicago, oriental, medicine,

Testimonials for Vera

"I first started seeing Vera during a 2 year ongoing amenorrhea (loss of period). My hormones were out of whack and as I was approaching 30 I knew I wanted to have a baby soon. I am sort of a hypochondriac and a health freak at the same time. Vera is one person that I never was afraid to tell my weird symptoms or concerns. She always fully listened and never even once made me feel awkward or weird about them.


After a few months of treatment I started having light periods. I then took a round of Clomid and got pregnant on the first try. I have tried Clomid a few months back with no pregnancy and no period so I know the acupuncture is what helped me. Once I was pregnant, Vera also helped with symptoms like fatigue and nausea. She also educated me and my husband on acupressure points to help with labor pains though my husband never really got into it. He is one of those guys that would just rather sit outside of the room and to just call him when the baby is out. (He did however stay in the room) But then Vera offered to come to the hospital. Yes she was there; she came to help me with pain management. I was able to have my daughter all natural with no drugs or other interventions."


- Joanna

"I came to Vera at AcuBalance Wellness Center wanting to compliment the treatment I was going through for infertility.  My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 4 years.  After having gone through several IUI's and one IVF treatment, as I embarked on my second attempt at IVF, I was interested in adding acupuncture to my treatment program after reading about the many positive benefits of it.


What most impressed me upon my first visit with Vera and through all the subsequent visits after was her knowledge of not only infertility and the women's body, but she also has a very thorough understanding of the different treatments women go through for treatment of infertility.  She knew the medications, the protocols, the processes, and therefore tailored my treatments around that.  Her knowledge base gave me a sense of confidence and trust that quite frankly made me more relaxed.   I also appreciated her calm demeanor and positive outlook, which is so needed while going through this difficult time. 

 I am happy to report that I am 5 months pregnant.  I would highly recommend Vera and AcuBalance Wellness.  And with her vast knowledge and experience also with conditions outside of infertility I know will have a resource for acupuncture for many years to come."



I don't even know where to start. I am a huge fan of AcuBalance to say the least. I have been going for over a year. I started going when I was recovering from ovarian cancer/chemo. The reason that pushed me to go was because the doctors did not think I would ever be able to have children because my hormones were going into menopause. They said acupuncture may be my only option. I used to go to Northwestern Integrative but it is so expensive and far from my house so I decided to try AcuBalance. I have not been disappointed. I actually feel that I am getting much more personal service and care than I ever did when I was merely a number.


I started seeing Ausra twice a week for about 2-3 months. I also took the Chinese herbs she prescribed. About 3 months in, I got my period - something the doctors didn't think could happen. I credit this to lots of prayer and acupuncture. Since then I have been going almost weekly to maintain good health and calm my anxiety. Ausra has been very patient with me and has listened to my fears numerous times. She's not just an acupuncturist, that's for sure.

I highly, highly recommend AcuBalance and have been so thankful for Ausra and her expertise. It has greatly influenced my life. That sounds over the top, but it is the honest truth of how great my experience has been.



After being physically assaulted almost 14 years ago my shoulder pain has slowly gotten worse, becoming chronic in June 2011. Cortisone injections and physical therapy abruptly stopped providing any relief. The pain disrupted every aspect of my life: sleeping, showering, and even carrying a cup of coffee! MRI's showed that I have tendonitis, bone spurs, a slight tendon tear in my left shoulder and bursitis in my right shoulder. Due to severity of tendonitis and bursitis surgery was not recommended as it would further aggravate this condition. Specialists all agreed that medication and limited mobility for my pain management was now my only option. A friend recommended I try acupuncture, I thought ACUPUNCTURE!? no way. But the pain got so bad I was willing to try anything. Thankfully I did! After three sessions I am now on NO pain medication and when any soreness arises Ausra taught me a breathing technique that relieves my pain within seconds.



I credit Ausra, my acupuncturist, with giving me my life back. I have suffered from severe anxiety for about two years. The attacks were so severe that they led to nausea and vomiting daily. It affected my daily life, relationship with food, and my relationships with others. After going to my general practitioner monthly for two years, having several tests done, and several thousands of dollars later, I decided to try acupuncture. After careful research I found Acubalance Wellness Center. I made the call to Acubalance Wellness Center and spoke to Ausra, and I was able to schedule an appointment fairly quickly.


Obviously I was extremely nervous, but excited to try something that might work. Ausra made me feel so extremely comforted and positive about my recovery. I have had a total of four sessions, and by session two, I saw results that were life changing! I even saw changes in problems that I wasn’t necessarily there for, such as sleeping throughout the night. I now have NO signs of anxiety and getting used to the new life I have, which is exhilarating and I owe it all to Acubalance Wellness Center and Ausra! Acubalance Wellness Center is a professional, comforting, and affordable source of results. I would (and do) highly recommend them for anyone thinking about acupuncture!



After my Western migraine medication began to fail me, I began to think differently about my approach to seeing a doctor. I have been a migraine sufferer and have had severe problems with PMS and my period for over 30 years. Recently I went from having 6 migraines a year to having 8 a month! I became very frightened. I told my Western docs what was going on - and they just kept offering tests and different meds to try. None of them were helping. Sometimes, I even got turned away. I wanted to find a place to be listened to and to quietly and gently have treatment. I had never tried any form of Eastern medicine in my life.


I stepped into Ausra's office with an open mind even though I didn't know what to expect. And it paid off. With patience, and by listening to Ausra's healing advice - my migraines decreased. Then, in 6 months I was migraine free. She has given me the tools and techniques to handle my everyday struggles with headaches.

Ausra has also introduced me to custom blended herbs to take at different times during my cycle that she blends in her office. These herbs are far less expensive than my prescription headache pills and they give me the ability to control my headaches over time - not just as a quick fix. Then there is the acupuncture. Ausra always administers the needles carefully and gently. I am asked all the way through my treatment if the placement is comfortable and if my body temperature is alright. Her offices are clean and inviting. If I ever have any questions about my treatment, Ausra always gives me a straight answer. If I need special attention - during a time when I don't have an appointment - Ausra is always there for me. All I have to do is call and ask. I would recommend her to anyone that needs help. AcuBalance works!



My go to person for medical, physical and energetic maladies is Ausra. Her professionalism, intuition and thoroughness complement her powerful healing talents harmoniously. She truly is a vessel for the Divine healing energy. I always leave in a state of well-being. Ausra takes such great care of all of me - my body, my mind and my soul.



"I came to AcuBalance Wellness Center after 3 years of trying to get pregnant naturally and 2 failed IVF cycles. The nurse at my clinic suggested I try acupuncture during my 3rd cycle. I had walked past AcuBalance many times, being that it's in my neighborhood. While skeptical at first, after talking to Vera I felt comfortable enough to give it a try.


Vera took the time to assess my overall well being at each and every appointment. Her acupuncture technique promoted incredible stress relief as well as proper hormonal balance associated with fertility treatments. AcuBalance is also affordable with flexible hours, allowing me to get weekly acupuncture treatments during my entire IVF cycle and first trimester.

We gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl in June of 2011 and I truly believe Vera played a huge part in helping me get pregnant and more importantly stay pregnant".



"I just want to start out by saying AcuBalance Wellness Center is wonderful.  I have been receiving acupuncture for over a year now and love it.  Vera is so helpful and I always leave my treatments feeling great.


I began seeing Vera when I was pregnant and was feeling many of the effects of pregnancy especially morning sickness and anxiety.  She really helped me cope and feel better.  As my pregnancy progressed, Vera helped lessen any side effects that came on and helped me relax as my due date got closer.  I feel that acupuncture really helped me throughout my pregnancy.  Now, post-pregnancy, I still continue acupuncture on a regular basis especially for stress relief as well as allergies and everyday aches and pains.  I would recommend Vera and AcuBalance to anyone and have recently sent my mom and sister there too!"



"Vera’s treatments helped me and changed me for the better. I went to see Vera for stress management because I had been trying to become pregnant and stressing about it so much. The sessions with her regulated my sleep cycle and I just all around felt better and still do. I looked forward to the sessions because I could relax and cater to myself at those times. The gentleness of the office and rooms was relaxing and thinking of it now even relaxes me. Thank you for all your help and being so convenient".



I just wanted to send my gratitude and appreciation for the acupuncture treatments I received at AcuBalance Wellness Center.  My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for 4 1/2 years with multiple failed IVF cycles. I came to see Vera after my last IVF cycle and she took such care with me. I'm happy to report that today I am being induced and will be welcoming a baby girl! Vera worked magic and helped our dreams of becoming parents a reality! :) Thank you!



As a follower of acupuncture for over a decade, I have enjoyed my treatments with Vera very much. The style is different than I am used to but very effective and highly recommended.



I have been seeing Vera for the past three months for infertility treatments. My experience has been wonderful! Vera is very knowledgeable and really took the time to get to know me and to determine my acupuncture needs. In addition to treating me with acupuncture, she has taught me about tracking my basal body temperature and reading my BBT charts. During the short time I have been seeing her, I have noticed a great improvement in my charts (my once erratic BBT now has a much more normal pattern). She is also really great at making acupuncture a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  UPDATE! Our baby was born on 12/21 9lbs 4 oz and 21 in long. We made it home just in time for Christmas! Best Christmas present ever. I can't thank Vera enough for helping me get pregnant and treating me during my pregnancy. I truly believe I had such a great pregnancy because of the treatments Vera gave me :). Thank you!!




I had been seeing Vera for a few months to receive acupuncture to help with conception and I am now happily 8 weeks pregnant!!!  Vera was such an important component in this process and I cannot thank her enough. She was so informative, kind and caring.  I loved coming for an acupuncture session every Wednesday and knowing she was there to listen to concerns, teach me about what's going on in my body and help us along on this journey.  Thank you Vera for your time and amazing work. 





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