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Herbal medicine is one of the principle branches of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can be used as the primary mode of treatment or in conjunction with acupuncture to help correct imbalances and promote wellness. Unlike Western pharmaceuticals, Chinese herbs are custom blended for each individual to minimize or eliminate potential side effects. Herbal treatments are meant to correct the underlying imbalance and normally will not be needed on a long-term basis. 


Our clinic offers high quality herbal granules which have been tested for potency and safety (including testing for heavy metals, pesticides and microorganisms). Our practitioners have been trained in the safe use of Chinese herbal medicines both as a stand alone treatment or in the case of a patient currently taking biomedical drugs. They have demonstrated professional competency by passing the NCCOAM’s certification exam in Chinese Herbology and participate in continuing education to maintain up to date knowledge of herbal medicine.




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