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Jennifer Hollister

A certificated, E-RYT Yoga Teacher based in Chicago, Jennifer’s health education includes certifications in Yoga, Holistic Healing, Pilates, Nutrition and Personal Training. With an extensive background in fitness and general health, Jennifer found the varied physical and emotional effects of yoga complimentary to her lifestyle. 


“Once I realized the beneficial effects yoga has on the body, as well as quieting the mind, I was hooked. I learned there was a way to calm my mind and my body simultaneously. I went on to study in numerous teacher trainings so I could share what I found with others and have since studied diverse yoga styles for over 15 years. I strive to create a dynamic environment that both challenges and encourages each student and it brings me joy to watch my students develop and bloom from class to class, whether beginning or well into their practice."


She now teaches Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative, Hot, Yin and Stress Relief classes. Her focus is on alignment, balance, core conditioning and body/breath awareness. Her goal within each class is also to see you smile!

Cher Walter


When I first started practicing yoga,  I wasn’t sure it was for me- I thought I was too inflexible, too out of shape, and had a lot of excuses why I didn’t have the time for it. What I found is that making time for yoga each week gave me so much more than I expected!  I felt connected with my teachers and other students, cultivated a better relationship with myself, and realized that dedicating time to myself through practice gives me the energy to show up in all the other areas of my life. Over time, my curiosity and desire to learn has led me to try different styles of yoga, and learn from some amazing people in some unexpected places. I believe my yoga practice has allowed me to be a better me- and I became a certified yoga teacher to help guide others and give back what I have been given as I continue on my path.  It is so meaningful to me when a student tells me that something I helped them with resonated off their mats—or assistance I have offered has allowed them to achieve a deeper level of satisfaction within their practice.

In my classes, no matter your level of experience, you will notice your breath, learn to listen to your body, build strength, and most importantly have fun! 


Valerie Rix


Valerie is a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Cupping Therapist. Trained in a variety of modalities, she enjoys finding a balance of sukha (ease) and sthira (steadiness) in her teaching and bodywork.


Val found yoga as a teenager and after over 15 years still finds wonder in the benefits of a regular practice, ranging from reduced physical pain, to finding resource in a stronger body and a calmer mind and spirit. Her teaching style is accommodating for beginner to intermediate students and balances hard work with fun and self-care. She enjoys sharing yoga with others, and helping them to experience how good the body is designed to feel.


When she isn’t doing yoga or bodywork, Val enjoys hiking, music, making jewelry, swimming, gardening, baking and spending time with her dogs and cat.

Matthew Artarian

Power Vinyasa Yoga was recommended to me by a friend and it changed my life. The initial focus on breath led to more self-reflection, which inevitably led to a heightened level of body awareness as well as mental awareness.  I'm very lucky yoga came into my life and I am now able to share it with others. 

Donna Lilja

Donna is a certified yoga instructor in Vinyasa yoga. Her yoga classes are ideal for anyone new to yoga and she enjoys coaching and sharing the many true benefits of a regular practice. Her  beginner level Yoga sequence helps to build strength, increase flexibility & self-awareness. It is challenging, dynamic and moderately paced so anyone can learn the fundamental postures and principles that create a successful and effective yoga practice. Having been a student of yoga for many years  and now as a teacher, these same benefits plus a whole lot more keep her coming back to her mat. 

Jennifer Wade

Jennifer sprained her ankle five times before starting Qigong and Tai Chi nine years ago. She found that after practicing for a while, not only were her ligaments and tendons stronger, but she was emotionally and mentally more resilient as well. Added bonus: no more ankle sprains! Being an acupuncturist, Jennifer has assisted many people with pains after falls, trauma or stress. She enjoys supporting her patients to prevent accidents and achieve better grounding both physically and mentally. Jennifer has been practicing qigong with Eva Wong since 2010. She studies Tai Chi at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and in 2016 she began a training course with Pat Culotti - Fundamentals of Tai Chi, which is based on the Cheng Man Ch'ing form.

Ausra Januseviciute

Ausra has been practicing meditation for over ten years. After learning about the multiple benefits of meditation through practice, it quickly became an integral part of her daily routine.

“Meditation had the unique ability of enhancing the connection with my inner source of being and bringing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects into focus and balance. Experiences of profound deep peace, awareness, clarity and purpose became frequent with regular practice.”

Few years into the practice she was encouraged by her teacher to start leading guided meditations. As her own spiritual growth and unfoldment continues, Ausra enjoys helping others in finding balance, stability and calmness within through meditation. Ausra welcomes beginners as well as experienced meditators from all walks of life.



Vera Kulezic

Vera has been practicing various forms of qigong since taking her first class in San Diego over 10 years ago while studying for her degree in Chinese medicine. For Vera, qigong is a beautiful practice that brings a sense of well-being, deep relaxation, and a feeling of connection to Oneness. She mainly practices and now teaches a form of medical qigong called Baduanjin, or the 8 Brocades.  It is a dynamic set of eight special exercises, gentle but firm, done with natural breathing and concentration, that promotes the flow of qi and blood, stretches the muscles, strengthens the joints and bones, improves coordination, flexibility, circulation, and is beneficial to all the systems and organs. The best part of qigong for Vera is the pure joy she receives teaching others how to cultivate their own healing abilities. 

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